Pammy McNaughton 2015

OXTED LAWN TENNIS CLUB … we don’t just talk a good game!!! c 1923  

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1. VISITORS - a Member may have a Visitor 3 times per year - £3 per adult, £2 per junior - (please write this down on the “Honesty Board” inside the clubhouse).

Because we are so inexpensive we hope you will ask your Visitor if they would like to become a member too!

CLUB RULES PLEASE follow these

2. LOCKING UP -  the courts, clubhouse and toilet MUST be locked if you are the last to leave (the key for the toilet is hanging inside the clubhouse & please RETURN it to the hook after use)  -  


5. AND LASTLY …… have fun, fun, fun!!

3. NON MEMBERS - Members should always politely challenge anyone using the courts that they think  may not be a member and check their name against the list in the clubhouse (and then encourage them to join!)    

4. CLUBHOUSE - keep the clubhouse clean & tidy and always wash up any cups/plates that have been used. Pick up any garbage on the courts & patio. We have fabulous courts & a fabulous clubhouse so, PLEASE, let’s keep it that way!